We are able to treat monthly statements to be delivered at the National Institute of Statistics.

The collection of information required for the production of results relating to international trade of merchandising was (in historical terms) usually performed based on the use of an administrative act (customs procedures associated with the import and export).

In 1993, following the entrance of Portugal in the European Union, with the subsequent ending of these procedures related to the trading of merchandise between our country and other countries of the EU, it was necessary to design and implement an inquiry to make possible the collection of this data: the Intrastat. Naturally, this inquiry was associated with the obtaining of all the data required on this subject, originating this project of intra trading statistics.

This inquiry aims to: Monitoring the progress and measuring of the monthly trade of merchandise between Portugal and the EU, based in a specific inquiry (Intrastat), held by singular persons and collective entities subject to VAT, whose annual amounts are traded above some thresholds (set annually by flow, usually referred to as assimilation thresholds).

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